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5 things to consider before getting microblading

5 things to consider before getting microblading   Done well, our brows beautifully define our face – so making subtle changes to their shape and structure can make a dramatic difference to our overall appearance. There are many reasons people opt for semi-permanent brows or microblading treatment (you can read some of the most common reasons here) – but sadly some fall foul of the many artists out there who aren’t proficient enough to provide SPMU, or simply don’t know what to expect from the treatment and don’t get the most out of it as a result.   Throughout my years in SPMU I have seen plenty of disasters occur simply because a person chose the wrong artist, failed to...

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Brow Mapping

Brow mapping is a crucial part in creating symmetrical brows, I use a pre-inked brow mapping string which is the ideal tool to ensure balance.  Clients need to have realistic expectations as the face structure isn't exactly the same from left to right. We usually have one side which is lazier than the other, if a clients face is much lower I would suggest anti-wrinkle injections. I then add a measuring brow sticker onto the clients forehead as you can see from my picture. This enables me to follow the points on both brows so they look balanced. There are many different brow mapping methods that technicians may use, for example Phibrows use the "Golden Ratio Divider.  I had private...

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Perma Blend Colour Theory Workshop

We were delighted to host the UK’s very first Perma Blend Colour Theory Workshop here at our Cheadle SPMU Training Academy. Read on to learn more about Perma Blend and the exciting benefits of this exclusive course, which is still running with dates to be confirmed throughout the UK.

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