Permablend Colour Class – Sunday 2nd September 2018

We are delighted to be hosting Permablend colour course on Sunday 2ndSeptember at our Academy in Cheadle, Cheshire.


Welcome / Intro

What is Permablend?

Why is it different to other PMU pigments?


Basic colour theory and how it applies to PMU / Microblading.

To include primary, tertiary and secondary colours, complimentary colours, value of colours, hues, saturation of colour, skin undertones, skin overtones.


Practical exercise

Mixing up shades of brown to compare different hues of colour.


Colour swatch Permablend pigments on paper and how to identify their base colour

1.00pm: Lunch


Presentation of the most popular Permablend colours including an explanation about the colour, when to use it, what clients it is suitable for and perfect mixes. Slide show of healed brow pictures for each colour.

3.30pm: Q&A

4.00pm: Finish



Coming Soon! Lashes by Kitty Rose

We are excited to be offering lash training with Kitty Rose from September 2018 – dates to be confirmed.

With 3 fantastic course on offer, Kitty covers beginners, foundation and advanced Volume Lash Training.